DOM CITY Lift-Off X Jeugdfonds Sport en Cultuur

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At Crossfit Dom City we strive to be inclusive.


1 out of 11 children in the Netherlands grows up in poverty and can often not participate in sports. At Dom City we believe that all children should have the chance to develop mentally, sociably and physically. “Het JeugdFonds Sport & Cultuur” is a network of local platforms that pay for the sports contribution of children who cannot afford it.

Dom City will team up with the local Utrecht platform of “Het JeugdFonds Sport & Cultuur” to raise money so that all children can participate in sports. During the “DOM CITY Lift-Off X Jeugdfonds Sport en Cultuur” we will raise money by raising our barbell on July the 4th for the children in Utrecht who are now unable to join in.


People First, Fitness Second.



P.S. all procedings of the DOM CITY Lift-Off will be donated at once via this website to the "JeugdFonds Sport & Cultuur". If you can not join you are still allowed (and encourage) to donate here.